Life Sciences

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) is an excellent and integrated research museum of the Leibniz Association with an international reputation and globally networked research infrastructure. The interdisciplinary teams of scientists who research the development of the earth and of life as well as the scientific, historical, cultural and artistic significance of the 30 million objects come to the public with their knowledge in order to communicate findings and initiate processes of social change. The MfN sees itself as responsible for working together with its international partners to scientifically address global issues such as climate change, resource shortages and biodiversity loss. MfN offers a platform for exchange for nature with various actors of civil society and is open to Citizen Science projects and interdisciplinary event formats.

"Over the next ten years, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will consistently implement the Future Plan, which is funded by the Federal Government and the State of Berlin with a total of 660 million euros. The aim of the Future Plan is to intensify communication between science, culture and society in order to find science-based solutions to the challenges of the future," said Director General Johannes Vogel. "Only together, internationally networked, globally active and cooperating can we master this. BR50 is a part of this network".