Life Sciences

The Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) is the Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants and an autonomous superior federal authority directly subordinated to the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Our work revolves around plant genetics and breeding research, the cultivation, nutrition, protection and health of cultivated plants. Our research in these areas conducted in 17 spezialized subinstiutes enables us to provide comprehensive scientific advice to the Federal Government. The effects of climate change, globalisation and urbanisation of society, as well as declining natural resources and biological diversity pose major challenges to  mankind and agriculture. Our aim is to ensure the production of healthy and highly productive robust cultivated plants whether they are grown in fields, orchards, vineyards, forests or urban environments.

We promote the sustainable production and use of our crops as basic nutrients, renewable resources and essential elements in cultural landscapes while aiming to maintain plant diversity. Berlin is one of JKI’s 10 locations in Germany, where we conduct applied research in the fields of ecological chemistry and ecotoxicology, analyze plant compounds and develop methods to protect stored products.